Resources for a Healthy Information Diet

The Information Diet is meant to be the start of a conversation and the start of an effort to discover how to have a healthy relationship with the information we consume. Just like a food diet, there’s not an information diet that works for everyone. Here are some resources you can use to build a diet that works for you.

Community Forum

You needn’t go on an information diet alone, consider taking a look through the Information Diet Forums to connect online with other people trying an information diet. There’s also a Google Group for those interested in email discussion.

Tools and Settings

I’ve collected a lot of software for a healthy information diet. Be warned though, while installing software and configuring settings for a healthy information diet are important, if not foundational to setting up an information diet for yourself, they’re not the whole picture. Just like cleaning out your kitchen and throwing out the junk-food is helpful if you want to lose weight — it’s not adequate if, after you do that, you just eat fast-food every meal. A healthy information diet isn’t about installing software, it’s about changing habits.

Notes and People to Follow

You can view the documents and papers from the notes from the Information Diet or the list of people and websites in the Information Diet.

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