Charities and Projects

Below are a list of organizations that are making it easier for people to go on information diets, organizations that are improving access to healthy information, and organizations that are supporting and sustaining healthy information lifestyles. When available, each non-profit’s 990 from GuideStar is included so that you can judge how they’re spending their money to see if their values align with your own.

CodeNow is a new non-profit. They’re so new that they don’t have any publicly available data about them. Clay Johnson, the author of The Information Diet is on their board. CodeNow works with underrepresented youth to develop the next pioneers in technology by teaching foundational skills in computer science and programming to narrow the digital divide.

Code for America

2009 990 Form

Code for America helps to revitalize government technology, including making it easier to access government data inside city hall. They run an annual fellowship program for civic minded developers and designers to give engineers exposure to the way government works. This is important because much of the data that runs our lives lives in the bowels of our muncipal headquarters.

The Sunlight Foundation

2009 990 Form

The Sunlight Foundation focuses on opening up government at the federal level to make the executive and legislative branches of government more accountable. Primarily focused on campaign finance data and the data around corporate influence on government, the Sunlight Foundation also supports great projects like the OpenStates Project and OpenCongress that help citizens get a better idea of what’s going on in Washington. And the Author, Clay Johnson used to be The Director of Sunlight Labs.

Participatory Politics Foundation

2009 990 Form

PPF’s mission is to increase civic engagement. They’re the people behind the amazing tools and Fewer organizations do more with less than they do. A donation to them goes a long way.

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